About Us

Botanique is an online store that caters to the requirements of Homes, Offices, Factories and other establishments that are environmentally sensitive and looking for genuine suppliers of Organic Cleaners at reasonable rates.

Our journey began over 10 years ago, when trading with cleaning equipment under the brand name of ESP Ultrasonic, we faced unprecedented requirements of Botanical or Natural Cleaning agents. Our clients were Industrial and were facing compliance issues. The health of workers, demands of Trade Unions were also to be addressed.

Having extensively researched the subject and searched the internet, we shortlisted suppliers with an impeccable reputation and track record. Having verified their credentials, we offered their solutions to our existing customers. The products were well received this encouraged our endeavor into offering solutions to LEED Certified 7 Star Buildings & Premier properties.

Having provided permanent solutions to Odour issues in Urinals for malls, IT Parks and Large Factories, Colleges and Institutions (by using HACCP certified Acids and Organic Cleaners) we have begun to focus on requirements of homes and apartments.

We are looking to provide Organic alternatives at reasonable rates at this platform and address the paucity of Natural Cleaning Substances for a homemaker.

Our promoter is Chandrakant Tewari who is leading an experienced team of Home & Industrial Cleaning Experts. Chandrakant is an experienced professional with 15 years of experience in cleaning for Industries and Homes. His experience of owning & operating a Garment and Fabric Dyeing and washing plant has resulted in looking at simplistic solutions for complex and difficult washing scenarios. He is consulted for by Facility Management Companies and Automotive Tier 2 Companies.

Greenwashing Vs Green Washing

Green marketing and greenwashing: While the latter is considered deceptive marketing, the former is a sustainable and honest effort to provide eco-friendly solutions


The deceptive marketing of using jargon, labeling on collaterals, bottle labels and websites to promote chemicals or solutions as eco-friendly options to a problem. Its believed that companies use images of nature, scenes from natural habitats and promises of offering safe alternatives to hazardous products and solutions.  This affects consumer confidence when such marketing doesn’t substantiate the offerings with credible information regarding tests, ingredients, etc. Any effort of offering genuinely green solutions is being looked upon by users with suspicion, remorse and maybe even mistrust. There have been products supplied by large corporations and multinationals which have failed to meet expectations and instances of hazardous ingredients are fresh in memory.

Green Washing

However, Green Washing is considered a requirement on the important pillars of the sustainability effort of committed individuals of saving the environment and making the world a safer habitat for everyone.  The committed individuals are homemakers, Industrialists, conscientious and responsible citizens who want to make the life of the next generation better using responsible decision making for their daily activities.

For a responsible organization like us this decision is important. Our efforts to remove as many hazardous chemicals from homes and workplaces have been the backbone of all our business endeavors. To do so, with our cleaning products, we have initiated

  1. ( Verifiable) self-declaration – Each bottle we supply contains a label describing the contents and a list of all hazardous materials that are not in the bottle- We name the chemicals used cleaning companies, and categorically state these are not a part of our offerings. These statements can be verified ( by an Rs.100/- test)by any lab and ensure there are no chemicals in our bottles. A typical label will contain the following information- The ingredients in this bottle are free of caustic, phosphates, alkalis, amines, petroleum derivatives,d-linolenic, strong acids, terpenes, butyl cellosolve, glycol ethers. Our product is made of 100% renewable resources; plant-based non-ionic surfactants &  botanical buffering agents.
  2. Meeting the highest compliance standards of Biodegradation- In our opinion, everything is biodegradable, it’s only a matter of degree. Plastics biodegrade in 500 years, Nylon in 2500 years, Aluminium in 300 years, steel in 100 years and Nuclear radiation has a half-life of 50,000 years. The real test of biodegradability is Organic matter – which when left to decay completely biodegrades in 27-45 days. Like a decaying plant or animal remains, which is acted upon by natural processes. Therefore we follow the Modified Strum Test which is also called theModified Strum Test OCED 301B. All biodegradable material ( if organic in nature is tested to comply and meet this standard).
  3. Low-Cost Solutions- The cost of courier is about 95/- for a 500 ml bottle making our solutions look expensive. We also suggest a 500 ml bottle may be adequate for a small home of 3-5 people living in a 1500 sq ft home. Purchases in larger packings will bring the economy . Industrial and institutional sales are almost the price of concentrated chemical, without the hazards associated with them.
  4. Non-Technical Jargon on bottles, websites, and collaterals.
  5. No Fancy sales approach- Avoiding the use of perfumes, coloring agents and foaming agents. While many manufacturers may want to ensure the products more appealing, it also brings in risks. Coloring agents & foaming agents are normally very hazardous materials, and perfumes have  VOC( Volatile Organic Content) and are known to cause some adverse reactions for asthmatic and sensitive people. None of our solutions use any if these additives.

Our offerings of HACCP Accredited solutions &  Readily Biodegradable Organic cleaners we would be uniquely positioned to offer the safest solutions  used for cleaning:

  • Floors- Synthetic, Marble and Stone surfaces
  • Washrooms- Clean, Sanitize and preserve washroom floors, Accessories. Shine the Ceramic Pots, remove Water scale on Taps, Shower Glasses  & Clean Rust marks.
  • Kitchens- Food Grade Cleaners for Counters, Sinks, Utensils, and Crockery, Floor, Chimney, Ovens & Greasy Fans, Walls and Dried Oil & Greasy deposits
  • Stains- Of Oils, Greases, Turmeric, Ink, Paints Rust, etc  From Clothes, walls, Monuments, and Heritage Sites
  • Laundry detergents- For general Purpose Cleaning and Deep Stain Cleaning
  • Automotive Cleaners- For Restoring Body Colours, Tyre, Tar marks, Underchasis cleanliness. Also Grease and Asphalt marks

We are happy to provide sustainable solutions in the cleaning domain for the last 10 years. Our range of sustainable solutions ranges from safety solvents, acid alternatives and cleaning materials.

The ranges of cleaning solutions for Housekeeping in institutions, Factories, are also available. The list of solutions is as above with the added range for cleaning exteriors of buildings, Monuments and Heritage sites.