About Us

Botanique is an online store which caters to the requirements of Homes, Offices, Factories and other establishments that are environmentally sensitive and looking for genuine suppliers of Organic Cleaners at reasonable rates.

Our Journey began over 10 years ago, when trading with cleaning equipment under the brand name of ESP Ultrasonic, we faced unprecedented requirements of Botanical or Natural Cleaning agents. Our clients were Industrial and were facing compliance issues. Health of workers , demands of Trade Unions were also to be addressed.

Having extensively researched the subject and searched the internet, we shortlisted suppliers with an impeccable reputation and track record. Having verified their credentials, we offered their solutions to our existing customers. The products were well received this encouraged our endeavour into offering solutions to LEED Certified 7 Star Buildings & Premier properties.

Having provided permanent solutions to Odour issues in Urinals for malls, IT Parks and Large Factories, Colleges and Institutions (by using HACCP certified Acids and Organic Cleaners) we have begun to focus on requirements of homes and apartments.

We are looking to provide Organic alternatives at reasonable rates at this platform and address the paucity of Natural Cleaning Substances for a homemaker.

Our promoter is Chandrakant Tewari who is leading an experienced team of Home & Industrial Cleaning Experts. Chandrakant is an experienced professional with 15 years experience in cleaning for Industries and Homes. His experience of owning & operating a Garment and Fabric Dyeing and washing plant has resulted in looking at simplistic solutions for complex and difficult washing scenarios. He is consulted for by Facility Management Companies and Automotive Tier 2 Companies.

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