Annual Pack ( with free samples )

Rs. 15000 Rs. 15000 % OFF
* For Indian Pincodes only

Annual Pack

The annual pack will be discharged on the 5th of every month.

In addition to the family pack, the annual pack will come with free samples of Pristine Shine ( glass cleaner ), Kitchen Shine ( kitchen oil and grease remover ) and Metal Shine Restore ( vehicle exterior and interior cleaner )

The annual pack will consist of - 

1) Floor Cleaner - 1 litre

2) Spic n Shine (washroom cleaner ) - 1 litre

3) Safe Clothes - 500 ml

4) Shiney Cookware - 500 ml

5) Bio Acid (alternative to Harpic ) - 500 ml

6) Pristine Shine ( glass cleaner ) - 300 ml

7) Metal Restore ( vehicle exterior and interior cleaner ) - 300 ml

8) Kitchen Shine ( kitchen oil and grease remover )

Features of Botanique Products

Powerful and highly concentrated.

Organic Product

Unique High-Performance Formulation

Easy and Safe to use

No added Perfumes

Low Foaming


Safely Disposable down sewers and waterways


Suitable for Home, Offices, Hospitals, Showrooms and Industrial purposes.

HACCP Certified

Unlike chemical cleaners which react with the components on the surface, Botanique’s products work by displacing and lifting, the dirt and other elements, off from the surface. This ensures a long life of the surface being cleaned. Our products do not contain acids, petroleum products, caustics or ammonia. The absence of these chemicals removes the risk of the user’s and his family being exposed to toxic and cancer-causing substances.

Available in packings ranging from 500 ml to 50 Litres. 

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