Pristine Shine - Glass Cleaner

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Organic Glass Cleaner

Pristine Shine is an organic glass cleaner that also restores the glass surface’s shine with every use. The formulation of this organic glass cleaner is 100% natural and can be used on all glass surfaces like windows, shelves, table tops, mirrors and even precious crockery and statement show pieces. It is the best organic cleaner to remove streak marks and sediments from the surfaces.

Non-toxic Glass Cleaner

Pristine Shine gently removes dirt and other sludge by dispersing the deposits from the surface. Its 100% unique formulation helps restore the shine of the glass, making them look brand new. The surface cleaner helps preserve and maintain the glass for a long period of time.


Spray product directly onto surface. Wait for 1 minute. Wipe with soft cloth or sponge.

Longevity of product depends on usage.

Features of Botanique Glass Cleaner

Powerful and highly concentrated.

Organic Product

Unique High Performance Formulation

Easy and Safe to use

No added Perfumes

Low Foaming

Eco Friendly

Safely Disposable down sewers and waterways

Chemical free

Suitable for Home, Offices, Hospitals, Showrooms and Industrial purposes.

HACCP Certified

Unlike chemical cleaners which react with the components on the surface, Botanique’s products work by displacing and lifting, the dirt and other elements, off from the surface. This ensures a long life of the surface being cleaned. Our products do not contain acids, petroleum products, caustics or ammonia. The absence of these chemicals removes the risk of the users and his environment being exposed to toxic and cancer causing substances.

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