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Iodoasn is a powerful anti coronavirus sanitisation – kindly click the link below.

Approved by CDC and tested by as a virucide the main ingredient is Povidone Iodine –

Povidone Iodine is a light brown colour liquid that loses its colour when the free iodine is exhausted. When the liquid turns colourless it can be discarded, or fresh iodine is added to the solution.

Iodosan is effective at 75 to 25 ppm which is chevied by diluting the liquid in water by 1:10 times. In other words, we can add 900 ml of plain water in 100 ml of the Iodosan to make it an effective virucide.

Iodosan is HACCP certified solution that is effective in all sanitising applications where water can be used. Cleaning of –


Milk packs

Fruits and Vegetables

Hand Sanitising

Door Handels

Hard surfaces like tables, chairs etc

Large area sanitisation like halls, offices, showrooms etc using a misting machine.

We repack in 1litre and 5litre containers. The images are a representation.














Organic Cleaning Fluid

HACCP Certified

Food Grade

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1 liter, 5 liter


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