Kitchen Shine – Kitchen Oil & Grease Remover

Kitchen Shine – Kitchen Oil & Grease Remover


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Organic Kitchen Cleaner

Kitchen Shine is an effective grease stain remover and a 100% natural cleaner. The aim of this surface cleaner is to remove oil, dirt, splatter stains from all the surfaces of the kitchen without damaging or corroding them. This organic cleaner can be used on metal, ceramic, plastic, wooden elements of the kitchen along with the tiles and kitchen counter. It is a household cleaner that removes unwanted stains and marks with ease.

Best Organic Kitchen Cleaner

Kitchen Shine removes stubborn grease deposits and stains with ease. The kitchen cleaner is known to eliminate bad odors and restore the shine on surfaces. With regular use, Kitchen Shine proves to be a non-toxic Kitchen Cleaner that washes and maintains the most important part of a household.


Pour on cotton swab/ sponge and apply generously on kitchen exhaust/chimney and highly greasy surfaces. Wait 10-15 minutes and wipe off with scotch brite. For faster cleaning, heat kitchen shines in a stainless steel cup up to 50-55 centigrade and use on greasy areas.

One 500 ml bottle will last for 30- 34 days, depending on usage.

Features of Botanique Kitchen Cleaner

Powerful and highly concentrated.

Organic Product

Unique High-Performance Formulation

Easy and Safe to use

No added Perfumes

Low Foaming


Safely Disposable down sewers and waterways


Suitable for Home, Offices, Hospitals, Showrooms and Industrial purposes.

HACCP Certified

Unlike chemical cleaners which react with the components on the surface, Botanique’s products work by displacing and lifting, the dirt and other elements, off from the surface. This ensures a long life of the surface being cleaned. Our products do not contain acids, petroleum products, caustics or ammonia. The absence of these chemicals removes the risk of the users and their environment being exposed to toxic and cancer-causing substances.

HACCP Certified Cleaner- A Basic Safety Requirement for any Kitchen Cleaner

Kitchens are the most sensitive area of our homes and factories and there are legal provisions that mandate HACCP Accreditation of products that are to be used in food preparation areas –like Home and Community Kitchens.

Kitchen shine is a unique cleaner for the kitchen that meets not only the regulatory requirements for kitchen products but also takes care of the sensitive physiology of women who work in the kitchen and the surroundings.

Kitchen shine takes safety a step further. Free of any known allergen, Kitchen Shine does not contain foaming agents, coloring agents, and Perfumes. Kitchen Shine is also safe for Children & pets.

HACCP Certification for kitchen products is not just mandatory, but essential qualification for any product that comes in contact with foodstuff.

Kitchen Shine is not just made of HACCP certified ingredients but is one of the ranges of food-grade cleaning solutions offered by Botanique, for use in homes, commercial and industrial kitchens.

Kitchen shine is safe for pregnant women and does not contain any chemicals like caustics, amines, petroleum products, phosphates, phthalates, d- lanoline, etc. Kitchen shine also does not contain artificial colors, foaming agents and perfumes. Its to be understood that use of perfumes and its ingredients are the single largest causes of toxicity in elders, children, and women.

A quick google search will familiarize you with the hazards of perfumed cleaners.

Made in Australia and as a part of the GECA ( Good Environmental Choice Australia), Kitchen shine is a multipurpose cleaner that s powerful and safe.  At diluted dosages Kitchen shine can be used to clean floors, food counters and ovens without bringing harmful chemicals into the food preparation area.

Ideal for homes and work areas like cutting, washing or cooking Kitchen shine can double up as a cleanser for Kitchen Chimneys too. Though we have floor cleaning solutions, kitchens shine may also be used to clean floors. By pouring into the drains, Kitchen shine can remove greasy deposits, bad odors, and blockages.

Kitchen Grease Remover

Kitchen Shine can effectively work as

a)      Grease Remover: When used undiluted, Kitchen Shine is effective against Stubborn grease on fans, Exhausts, and walls.

b)      Floor Cleaner- It can be diluted 1:10 in water and mopped areas of food preparation

c)       Tabletop cleaner- Cleans and disinfects counters, Cutting areas, and Gas Stoves, Electric appliances and

d)      Kitchen Drain Cleaner- When poured down the drain, Kitchen shine dissolves odor-causing food particles and keeps the area odor-free

e)      Cleans Ovens, Chimneys- Without the fear of using hazardous chemicals in sensitive areas.


Kitchen Shine is

a)      Powerful

b)      Readily Biodegradable

c)       Toxin Free

d)      Safe for children, pregnant women and elders alike

e)      Made of Naturally derived Resources

f)       It can be safely disposed into waterways without the risk of causing harm to marine life, plants and aquatic animals.

g)      It will not cause eutrophication of lakes and water bodies making it absolutely safe for flushing into any aquatic system.


How to Remove Kitchen Grease From Walls, Chimney, Ovens, Fans, and barbeque?

Kitchen Grease can be removed from various areas in the following ways:

a)      Fans, Exhausts, Walls, Ovens and wherever grease is formed in sticky black mass: Gently pour Kitchen Grease on the blackened mass, and wait for 10-20 minutes and scrape off using a wire brush, toothbrush or cloth depending on the extent of stickiness. Waiting longer will make it easier and spraying using a spray nozzle will help to reach inaccessible areas inside ovens. Water rinse wherever possible and ensure water does not enter electrical areas.  Sometimes heating Kitchen Shine ( Up to 50-55 deg C ) will make it work quicker and very effectively. In any case, the kitchen grease will not stick to your hands, even if you are without gloves. But suggest glove while cleaning any surface to prevent cuts and bruises. Kitchen Grease is Chemical free and safe to touch.  Suggest View this Video

b)      Cleaning Kitchen Floors, Tables, Counters and wash areas: Dilute Kitchen shine with water 1: 10 times and use either as spray, mop, wipe or dunk depending upon what is being cleaned. Kitchen Shine may not require rinsing again if diluted 1:20 or more in water. But lower dilution ratios may require rinse off. Use judgment based on visual appearance. Not only will the grease be cleaned, but the area will discourage the appearance of flies, ants, and other pests. We are not sure why this happens..but assume there is an imperceptible smell that keeps them away. The malodours will disappear too.

Fat and Oil- Cleaning without using Chemicals

Fat Oil and Grease Cleaning: Commercial Kitchens, Hotels and Homes have a perennial problem of removing the sink blockages. These lead to choking in the drains. The output from the kitchen and drains from wash areas develop choking with deposits that soon become a source of all problems including insects, malodor and overflowing water.

Botanique Kitchen shine is a powerful and safe cleaner for these blockages and will not only remove the odor but also help in the dissolving of the organic matter that chokes these pipes. The remedy would require pouring the undiluted Kitchen shine into the choked pipes and let stay overnight. In most cases the choking and smell would dissolve in 2-3 overnight dosages. Using Botanique Shiny Cookware to clean food vessels and crockery on a regular basis will work as a cleaner for pipes as well, as this fluid is of the same base as that of the Kitchen Shine.

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1 liter, 500 ml


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