Safe Clothes – Garment & Saree Cleaner

Safe Clothes – Garment & Saree Cleaner


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Organic Saree & Garment Cleaner

Safe Clothes is an organic garment cleaner for daily washing. It is a concentrated natural cleaner that removes dirt, sweat and odour gently. The non-toxic cleaner is not harsh on your clothes making their colour and durability last longer. The solution is effective on all kinds of clothes and materials.

Biodegradable and 100% Natural Garment Cleaner

The absence of chemicals in this product ensure that the clothes do not have any residue of toxic chemical substance. Therefore, Safe Clothes can be used to wash infant’s clothes and other delicates. These reliable qualities of Safe Clothes makes it the best organic garment cleaner.


3 caps (30 ml) in one bucket (15 litres) of water.

Soak the clothes in bucket. Agitate the wet garments for 1-2 minutes. Let soak for another 30-45 minutes then rinse with water.

For washing machine, use 5 caps (50 ml) for an 8kg machine.

Product can be used with hot water. Always test for colour fastness of garments.

Features of Botanique Garment and Saree Cleaner

Powerful and highly concentrated.

Organic Product

Unique High Performance Formulation

Easy and Safe to use

No added Perfumes

Low Foaming

Eco Friendly

Safely Disposable down sewers and waterways

Chemical free

Suitable for Home and Industrial purposes.

HACCP Certified

Unlike chemical cleaners which react with the components on the clothes, Botanique’s products work by displacing and lifting, the dirt and other elements, off from the clothes. This ensures long life and durability of the clothes when used regularly. Our products do not contain phosphates, petroleum products, caustics or ammonia. The absence of these chemicals removes the risk of the users and their environment being exposed to toxic and cancer causing substances.

Why should laundry detergents be phosphate-free

Botanique offers a range of laundry and garment cleaners that are not just readily biodegradable but do not contains phosphates, nitrates, strong acids, d-lanoline, petroleum derivatives, butyl cellosolve and other toxic chemicals like terpenes and ammonia.

The runoff from water from homes usually end up through drains into the lakes. This results in eutrophication of lakes which is toxic to aquatic life forms and water bodies. The lakes turn into a poisonous water body and that affects the nearby systems that are fed by lakes.

Green Washing

True Green Products, Botanique is an example of High Sustainable Cleaning solutions- The best of Green Washing agents.

Using Botanique cleaner’s harm to marine life and aquatic animals is avoided. The runoff water from homes and factories that use a Botanique range of cleaners, would have biodegraded the organic content and be safe. The cleaners also powerful degreasing agents that keep the drainage pipes clean and clog-free. Safe Clothes are free of allergens and chemicals that cause harm to children, pregnant women, elders, and adults. Safe Clothes not only cleans but also softens the garments. Free of perfumes, foaming agents and coloring matter, safe Clothes is very gentle on clothes.

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