Trial Pack – 6 bottles (100 ml )

Trial Pack – 6 bottles (100 ml )


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Trial Pack  ( Representative image only )

Introducing the trial pack of the Cleaners for those who would like to test and select.

The pack contains 100 ml bottles of

Floor Cleaner:  Made of Soya and Corn essence, the cleaner is pleasantly smelling with VOC Free Essential Oil Extracts. About 30 ml or 1/3rd the bottle to be mixed poured in half a bucket of water and used with a mop after stirring thoroughly. Being  free of chemicals like Caustics, Benzenes and Petroleum products the cleaner is also safe  for children playing on the floor

Spic n Shine (Washroom Cleaner): Acid-free Cleaner with the essence of lemongrass oils, The Washroom Cleaner is ideal for daily use on the floors, washbasins and glass areas. Non Fuming and made of renewable resources, Washroom Cleaner

Shiny Cookware ( Crockery & Utensils Cleaner ): Liquid Cleaner for utensils and Crockery, Shiny Cookware is food grade and can be used for machine washing or hand washing of Utensils. Its phosphate free and made of plant based surfactants and foaming agents. For utensils to be lightly washed, they can be dipped In the solution containing 5ml of saucepan shine in the water, and let to air dry after wiping off excess water. No need not be free rinsed.

Kitchen Shine (Kitchen Oil and Grease Remover): Powerful and high foaming, the cleaner is multipurpose and can be used for removing grease deposits on chimneys, ovens etc. To use For Utensil Cleaning dilute 5 ml in a litre of water to be used for washing. Spray or the utensils to be cleaned. Wait 5-10 minutes and then scrub the wet utensils with scotchbrite or sponge. In case of  heavy oils and masala, dilute 50 ml in 1 litre of waterBioAcid:

Pristine Shine (Glass Cleaner): Amine Free glass and hard surface Cleaner. Use as a spray on surfaces, like colin.

Safe Clothes – Laundry Cleaner: Made of natural resources, the laundry cleaner is free of phosphates, amines, benzenes and other immunity reducing toxins like glycol ethers, petroleum derivatives, d-limonene and caustics.

For machine, washing add 2 caps in the 6 kg washing machine through the dispenser at the top and run the wash cycles as usual. The temperature at 40-50 can reduce the cycle time. True organic  Safe Clothes make clothes naturally soft without the use of fabric softener. Safe clothes is without added perfumes, foaming and colouring agents. 


Features of Botanique Products

Powerful and highly concentrated.

Organic Product

Unique High-Performance Formulation

Easy and Safe to use

No added Perfumes

Low Foaming


Safely Disposable down sewers and waterways


Suitable for Home, Offices, Hospitals, Showrooms and Industrial purposes.

HACCP Certified

Unlike chemical cleaners which react with the components on the surface, Botanique’s products work by displacing and lifting, the dirt and other elements, off from the surface. This ensures a long life of the surface being cleaned. Our products do not contain acids, petroleum products, caustics or ammonia. The absence of these chemicals removes the risk of the user’s and his family being exposed to toxic and cancer-causing substances.

Available in packings ranging from 500 ml to 50 Litres


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